Useful Resources and Christmas Websites

Christmas Village Displays

Photograph of official Department 56 villageThe following list of websites includes companies that are directly related to Christmas villages and accessories, usually selling these items on a seasonal basis, between the months of October and January (or longer).

Often the pieces that have not sold during the Christmas holiday season are simply put into storage for the rest of the year, and so may well still be available if you talk to your stockist, if you wish to purchase buildings out of season, perhaps for a model railway or summer model village.

Since there are literally hundreds of Lemax and Department 56 pieces to choose from, together with other manufacturers, the chances are that there may well be a particular piece that you desire that is not currently listed. If you ask, it may be possible that this can be specially ordered for you, or bought from another website. Do always consider postage costs and combine online orders where possible to save unnecessary expense.

Also included below are some model making websites and stockists of toys, where you will be able to purchase miniatures to assist with your landscaping and help you develop your artistic nature.

Many of these companies are able to ship items worldwide, for an additional postage cost.

Lemax Collection - a complete listing of all the Lemax products, Christmas decorations and miniatures, past and present.

Department 56 - with hundreds of pages devoted to each and everyone of the Department 56 porcelain houses, buildings, figurines, tree decorations and gifts, including a comprehensive listing of all retired pieces.

My Village - suppliers of many models designed to complement winter displays, such as plastic mountains, spray paint, glue and backgrounds, amongst other products. A number of videos are to be found on this website, packed with design tips.

Woodland Scenics - the ultimate supplier of model scenery and modelling products, with many informative videos and simplistic tutorials.

Lilliput Lane - a world-famous collection of miniature thatched cottages and houses, with extraordinary attention to detail.

Hornby - arguably the best supplier of model railways and train accessories, Hornby was actually founded all the way back in the year 1901.

Brio - a renowned wooden toy company established in Sweden in the 1880s and best known for its wooden toy train sets and construction kits.

Playmobil - selling some of the best and most familiar children's model toys, buildings and vehicles, Playmobil has been around since 1975 and is based in Zirndorf, Germany. Depending on the scale of your Christmas village, many of the people and animals may well be worthy additions to any winter scene.

Lego - a renowned Danish company manufacturing and selling distinctive construction toys the world over since 1949. Lego animals and characters can be useful if you are needing to fill in some gaps in your village, and those confident in building with Lego may even be able to make a house or two.

Christmas at Dawsons - one of the biggest online UK retailers of Lemax buildings, carnival pieces, figurines, table accents and accessories, the Dawsons Department store is based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, where it lays on an especially good show at Christmas. The website is always happy to price match, while the store also regularly sells selected pieces through Amazon.

Webbs Direct - an extremely popular and competitively priced UK garden centre website selling a huge quantity of Lemax merchandise online for much of the year. The Webbs garden centres are to be found at West Hagley in the West Midlands, and Wychbold in Worcestershire.

Swallow Aquatics - a UK stockist of all kinds of Christmas decorations, including a comprehensive selection of very reasonably priced pieces from the current Lemax village collections, including trees, mountain bases, fences, hedges, plazas, figurines, porcelain houses and tubs of Sticky Max. Swallow Aquatics has physical outlets at Aldham (Colchester), East Harling (Norfolk), Gravesend (Kent) and Rayleigh (Essex).

Millrace Garden Centre - a popular UK outlet for Christmas decorations and villages, Millrace has two garden centres, one at Aldham in Colchester and the other at East Harling in Norfolk.

Long Acres - this UK-based garden centre website sells some of the cheapest Lemax houses and accessories available online, as well as many other products relating to the Christmas season, such as fairy lights and artificial trees aplenty. - a wealth of Christmas decorations and year-round themed miniatures, grouped by season, including Spring collections, scary Halloween 'Spooky Town' pieces and many festive winter village accessories. This UK-based retailer sells both Lemax and Department 56 items, as well as various glass ornaments, candle holders, wreaths, trees, advent calendars and 'Signature Santa' figurines.

Felina World - offering one of the most complete listings of model village houses and accessories anywhere, including the collections of Lemax, Luville and Department 56. Felina World is an official dealer and importantly, its stock can be shipped all over the world.

Deco Art - an inspiring modelling and handicrafts website, with these particular products being sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Village Peddler - located in Burton, Michigan, USA, the Village Peddler creates a large assortment of handcrafted custom-made village display platforms, being happy to ship worldwide.

Hobbycraft - a leading supplier of arts and crafts accessories in the UK, this superstore chain was founded in the mid-1990s and now has more than 80 giant handicrafts stores all over the country.