Finishing Touches, Model Winter Accessories and Tips

Christmas Village Displays

Picture of a clock, standing on a small square of grassThere are all kinds of finishing touches and decorations that are worth considering when you are laying out your village. Of course, many of these tips are purely personal taste, but all would agree that it is difficult to create a feeling of a crisp winter's day or night without the use of at least a few handfuls of snow.

Plenty of trees, both evergreen conifers and deciduous, should be used and if you have the space, it can be quite striking when these are use to form little miniature copses and woodlands, rather than placing all of them individually. This is certainly a useful landscaping tip, easy to carry out and achieve successfully. Lots of similar sized figurines will create a busy village, where as just a few will make it appear more like a little hamlet, where the residents are tucked up inside their houses, in front of their roaring winter fires.

This picture of a small clock (above) shows how by standing it on a small square of modelling grass, rather than straight on the paving, it appears a little grander and more imposing. The grass has been softened with some snow, and in the background, some window baskets have been borrowed from a dolls house for the Christmas season.

The following photographs offer a few tips and suggestions that will certainly enhance any village display:

Photo of a large Christmas village, viewed from above. This arrangement incorporates a huge quantity of small trees, moss and figurines:
Photo of a large Christmas village from above

Tiny icicles can add an icy chill and are easy to make by dabbing on small amounts of clear silicone sealant:
Close-up picture of model icicles, made using clear silicone sealant

Grass tufts often used for war game miniatures add a natural touch to paving, ponds and rooftops:
Photo of miniature grass tufts

Close-up of grass tufts stuck to paving

Close-up of grass landscaping next to miniature frozen pond

Image showing tiny tuft of grass on Lemax Essex Corner Market rooftop

Cheap plastic aquarium plant matting used for fish tanks can be perfect for creating bushes and hedges, especially when finished with snow spray:
Photo of plastic plants for fish tanks

Picture of underside of plastic fish tank plants

Close-up photograph of aquarium plant used for hedging

All sizes of model Christmas trees are relatively inexpensive and a real must for any kind of seasonal landscape:
Image of Lemax Christmas Trees, often sold in groups

Photo of the Lemax model named I've Got One

Image of the Slippery Slope 'Ready to Launch' moving model

Photograph of Lemax Christmas trees stuck to the mountainside

Further view of mountainside trees

Picture of the Rover Takes Charge miniature

Green-coloured reindeer moss should be used all over any village, in generous quantities. This moss can be purchased from florists, but is far cheaper when bought in quantity online.
Photograph of reindeer moss, available from florists

Image of snowman with green reindeer moss

Further image of reindeer moss, next to Lemax buildings and figurines

Photo of reindeer moss outside the Christmas Lane facade building

Picture of reindeer moss next to the Lemax snowmen model named Building a Family

Image of moss disguising the base of a model mountain

Snowflake powder, such as Scenic Snowflakes by Deluxe Materials, is perfect for adding to rooftops and can also be used to disguise the bases of figurines and trees. Some model makers sieve flour or icing sugar to create this effect, while others like to use coarse rock salt or pickling salt, mixed with glitter:
Picture showing rooftop with sprinkled snowflakes

Photo of the Lemax Michelle's Village Bakery, with a snow-covered rooftop

Image of the Lemax Hill of Beans Coffee Shop, with snowflakes sprinkled on the roof

Image of Lemax figurines with their base covered in Scenic Snowflakes

Snow powder used to cover the base of a model silver birch tree

A wisp of smoke can be added to a chimney to make it look all the more real. Here, a small piece of polyester snow fabric has been stretched to form the shape of smoke and glued to the chimney:
A smoke effect created by sticking stretched polyester to a chimney

Close-up of the model chimney smoke effect

Try to match figurines to the scene, such as children and a teacher outside of a school house, Mrs. Claus with a tray of gingerbread men in front of the village bakery, and Christmas shoppers laden with heavy bags next the village shops:
Photo of school teacher and children outside the Lemax Whatley's Elementary School

Mrs Claus pictured emerging from the village bakery with a tray of gingerbread men

Model shoppers with shopping bags walking next to the Lemax Toy Palace building

Miniature benches can be a wonderful addition to areas of paving or when sited directly outside a Christmas house. The benches shown here are sold by Lemax.
Photo of miniature benches

Photo of Lemax bench next to the plastic Christmas gazebo

Picture of bench sited outside the model coffee shop building

View of bench and street next to the Lemax Cheese and Wine Shop

Photograph of bench in miniature park

Picture of model paving, with small bench and clock

The following two photos show the official My Village green scatter (flocking powder), used to suggest natural greenery on rocks and pathways. Lots of different colours and textures are available from model shops.
Image of grass scatter, sold in modelling shops and by My Village

Further image of a different coloured green scatter powder

Picture of green scatter on plastic mountainside

Further view of mountainside with green scatter

Close-up of green scatter, with the Lemax Sock Hop in the background

Image of figurine skiers

Cork scatter is available in different sizes and is perfect for using to create informal pathways or areas of soil. The edges can be softened by blending with snowflakes
Picture of My Village cork scatter, sold specifically for Christmas displays

View of cork scatter

Further photograph of cork scatter, on model paving

A wishing well, bird bath or sundial can all be welcome inclusions to garden areas. These are good pieces to display with miniature animals, such as model cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels and birds.
Photograph of a model wishing well

Photograph of the Lemax wishing well miniature

This battery powered Christmas fire will make any village appear colder, particularly when figurines are positioned around it, as if they are huddling around the heat of the flickering flames.
Picture of a battery powered winter's Christmas fire, by Lemax